All About The Barcelona Design Museum

On December 14, 2014, thousands of visitors attended the inaugural celebration of the Design Museum of Barcelona.  There are a few incentives to drive even more people to this museum: its collection consists of over 70,000 objects, and admission is free until the end of January.  Since this new museum merged with the collection of four others, there is reason to believe that many will appreciate the expansive collections, noteworthy exhibitions and range of objects.  Indeed, the building itself is a work of art.

The Design Museum’s Product Design Collection is one of its six major collections.  Lamps, vehicles, instruments and equipment with notable applied design, mostly deriving from Catalan and Spanish artists from the 1930s, are a few of the 2,000 objects that make up this collection alone.  The Graphic Art Collection is another example.  Viewers relish in the evolution of technological changes from three centuries ago to present day.

What is more, the Design Museum offers a few striking permanent exhibitions.  One of the five exhibitions includes: Dressing the Body. Silhouettes and Fashion (1550-2015).  Dress not only reflects a wearer’s time and place—revealing social and historical statuses—but it also impacts how the body is perceived, the Museum duly notes.  Using a silhouette, for example, highlights the contours of the female body; whereas petticoats and bustles enlarge the wearer.  Furthermore, other permanent exhibitions examine graphic design from 1940 through 1980, product design and ceramics, textiles and clocks and objects are also investigated.

The Design Museum’s offerings are comprehensive.   Proud Catalans may relish in the many historical objects, a recent article in The Economist explains, including those pointing to Catalonia’s peak periods: posters, furniture and textiles from the 19th century.  Yet the inclusion of foreign objects rounds out the Design Museum’s collection, making it appealing to a wider audience.  A vast collection and rich history make this Design Museum one to see.